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Why hire a mortgage women speaker?

By October 30, 2019 No Comments

Over 55% (or more) of employees in the mortgage industry are women, yet when they attend annual sales meetings, rallies, or mortgage-related events, they may be only one of two women who have been hired to speak to your attendees. This is something that Christine Beckwith and I have talked about quite a bit on the Mortgage X Podcast which is why I was excited to hear that Karen Deis has started the Mortgage Women Speakers Bureau.

Some of the topics that MWSB speakers cover include: Compliance, CRM, Sales, Motivational, Social Media, and Marketing.

Below is just a sample of the awesome mortgage professional speakers you can have speak at your next event.

Making sure that we are creating diverse culture in the industry is important to the long-term growth of our industry. A Karen writes on the MWSB website, hiring one of the awesome mortgage women speakers allows you to bring in “unique perspectives and inspirational messages” to motivate those that are attending your mortgage event.

Creating a diverse culture in the industry is something that Christine and I talked in-depth about with Molly Dowdy on episode 20 of the Mortgage X Podcast and is one of our most downloaded episodes. I have put a link to that episode below.

I look forward to see the other rockstars that MWSB brings on and applaud Karen's mission to help event organizers find and hire successful mortgage women, who walk their talk, who are awesome speakers, to inspire your attendees.

Learn more about about the Mortgage Women Speakers Bureau by visiting their website.


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