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Shred Joins with The Mortgage List to Raise Awareness of MAA

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Austin, TX – October 24, 2019, The Mortgage List announced a collaboration with the Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) to help increase awareness and support for MAA’s initiatives and fundamental industry issues. The announcement was made at MBA’s Annual Convention & Expo 2019

“This collaboration will allow The Mortgage list to work with MAA to highlight vendors and raise awareness of various legislative and regulatory issues,” said Ginger Bell, Founder of The Mortgage List. “The Mortgage List was originally created to provide a single resource for vendors of all size and service, and this will enhance our mission and benefit all participants.”

The Mortgage List will be working with MAA to create banners and categories to be displayed on all Mortgage List Vendor listings, identifying vendors as MAA supporters. The Mortgage List Vendor listings will identify MAA supporters on their individual profiles and will be easily searchable via categories. 

Below, Equity Prime Mortgage President, Eddy Perez & The Mortgage List Founder Ginger Bell discuss the importance to being an industry advocate.

MAA is the premier grassroots lobbying organization representing the entire real estate finance industry. MAA enables industry professionals to quickly and easily speak directly with members of Congress, state legislators and federal regulators about the impact of proposed legislation or regulations on one’s business. The Mortgage List, LLC., provides one of the industry’s most inclusive directories of all facets of the mortgage industry.

Shred Media, The Mortgage List’s Marketing Agency, is working with The Mortgage List and MAA to help raise social awareness of MAA initiatives.    

“The collaboration between MAA and The Mortgage List will help us continue to raise awareness about industry initiatives and the vendors who support these efforts,” said Jeffrey C. Taylor, 2019-2020 MAA Chairman, “We look forward to a successful partnership.”

About the Mortgage Action Alliance

The Mortgage Action Alliance® (MAA) is the only free grassroots lobbying organization representing the interests of the entire real estate finance industry in Washington, DC and state capitals across the country. MAA puts collective pressure on our elected officials to do the right thing for our industry when it is most important.

Federal and state governments continue to play an increasingly large role in our industry, ultimately impacting our businesses. Through direct grassroots advocacy and relationship building, MAA enables industry professionals to play an active role in the creation of laws and regulations affecting their livelihood. Successful advocacy often boils down to a numbers game and we need more voices speaking on our behalf to make policymakers pay attention.

About The Mortgage List

The Mortgage List is a simple, one-stop location for those searching for vendors and service providers to the mortgage industry.  With the most complete database of providers The Mortgage List offers a free online resource where you can find everything you need to set up, grow, build and manage your mortgage business.  At The Mortgage List you can search for vendors, locate training, connect with other professionals and stay up to date with industry insight.  The Mortgage List is the most comprehensive B2B mortgage industry platform allowing industry professionals to connect with businesses who provide services to the mortgage industry. Trying to find a reliable specialized service provider can be complicated! That is why we created The Mortgage List.  It's the Next Gen Platform for mortgage professionals to search for and find service providers.

Founded by long time industry professional, Ginger Bell, The Mortgage List’s goal is to connect professionals with vendors, servicers and events across the nation.

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About Shred Media

Shred Media is the industry’s first Attention Impact Agency serving clients in the Mortgage and Real Estate industries. Shred Media deploys their “AIR” framework that focuses on helping their clients create “lighting strikes” with their messaging as opposed to the usual “peanut butter” approaching to marketing hoping something sticks. Shred Media believes that in today’s noisy social media digital world, you need to grab the attention of your audience every day, you need to have an impact with that audience every day, which in turn will keep you relevant, every day. While most agencies focus on marketing, we focus and put a premium on the messaging. Shred Media also runs the first industry-focused collaborative network, The Community, which brings top producers, partners, influencers, and thought leaders together to collaborate and make an impact in the industry. 

Founded by long time industry professionals, national speakers, and media experts, Josh Pitts and Jason Frazier, Shred Media’s goal is to save the industry from itself by changing the media narrative and consumer perception about the benefit using a local industry professional for the best possible outcome.

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